Castel Volturno, The Saraceno Park, a building compound partly inhabited and partly illegally occupied.
Claudia sleeps on the couch, after she returned from the night shift as waitress at the bar, together with her daughters Federica and Alessandra.
Claudia showing off clothing she's been given for her daughters
Federica, Claudia's younger daughter, appears at the window as she waits to talk with a friend of hers
Federica, Claudia's younger daughter in her apartment with her dog.
Claudia during a break at the bar where she works as waitress at the night shift
Federica and Alessandra, Claudia's daughters, watching their mother and her partner Chicco violently arguing in the street
Federica, Claudia's younger daughter, diving in the pool owned by the person illegally occupying the flat above hers. He's currently under arrest for robbery
Alessandra, Claudia's firstborn daughter, helping her mother getting ready for work
Claudia picking the washing hung in the sun on her house's terrace
Claudia during an emotional breakdown
Alessandra, Claudia's firstborn daughter, among the buildings of The Saraceno Park.
Claudia and her temporary partner Chicco violently arguing
Claudia and her other partner and father of her third child Emiliano.
The outlet to the sea of the Regi Lagni, less than a mile away from the village area, a 250 km long net of water channels created by the Borboni empire to bring water to the territory and to prevent flooding. The whole system of channels is today mainly fed by rain water and sewer dumps.The ground all around this outlet is an illegal dump for unidentified toxic waste.
Federica, Claudia second daughter during Christmas Eve
Federica, Claudia second daughter during a fight with her mother.
Claudia is seen with her neighbour seeking affection.
Some abandoned buildings in the Coppola Village.
Claudia is accopaning Alessandra and Federica as they take a ride to go see their father in jail.
Claudia is seen in her appartament, nine month pregnant of her companion Emiliano.
Claudia in seen with her newborn baby, after two weeks after his birth in the hospital of Castel Volturno